Skilled, motivated staff together with up-to-date machinery and management systems ensures that products fulfil specifications both technically and cost-effectively. We have machinery for processing of small, large, and advanced sheet metal parts such as punching machines with automatic loading and unloading of sheets, combined punching/laser machine, robotic bending cell for fully automatic production, press brakes, welding robot and eccentric presses up to 160 T equipped with coilfeeding or robotfeeding. We also provide surface treatment and painting through a network of sub-suppliers.
Product development
From idea to product ! We visualize your ideas in 3D CAD
Samples and prototypes
With professional staff and well-equipped workshop, we make samples and prototypes
We use NC controlled punching machines with automatic loading of sheets and unloading of finished products
Laser cutting
Laser cutting We can also offer laser cutting in our combined laser cutting and punching machine.
Bending can be done both robotically and manually. We have pressbrakes with forces up to 130 tonnes and lengths of 3000 mm.
In our assembly department we assemble in-house and purchased components into complete units.
Welding is done both manually and in our robotic welding cell.
Eccentric presses
Eccenterpress with robotic feeding
Surface treatment
Painting, hot-dip galvanizing, electric galvanizing, tinning, chromating and other surface treatments are provided in a network of external partners.