The veteran Arne Ruud

Bildet viser en smilende mann i en produksjonshall

He knows every square centimeter of the Stantek AS production facility and knows exactly where every single item is located. Dozens of scars and stitch marks bear witness to a long working life in the service of the punching company. This fall will mark 48 years since he received his first paycheck, and despite retiring […]

Even more deliveries to ABB Electrification Norway AS

Bildet viser en gruppe mennesker foran storABB-logo

Stantek AS has been a major supplier of thin sheet components to ABB Electrification Norway AS for many years. After the Kongsvinger company earlier this year won an international tender for further deliveries to the industrial giant, there are now daily transports of various products from the punching workshop at Siva to ABB’s factory in […]


bildet viser et portrett av en mann

The employees at Stantek AS are currently working in double shifts. Demand for short-distance record products has grown sharply in the time since the corona eruption. General manager Hallvard Sletmoen looks forward to the time after the pandemic. – We had some challenges in the start of the pandemic. Among other things, some of our […]