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Even more deliveries to ABB Electrification Norway AS

Stantek AS has been a major supplier of thin sheet components to ABB Electrification Norway AS for many years. After the Kongsvinger company earlier this year won an international tender for further deliveries to the industrial giant, there are now daily transports of various products from the punching workshop at Siva to ABB’s factory in Skien.

– The agreements with ABB Electrification Norway AS are very important to us. We continuously produce around 100 different products for them. It amounts to approximately two man-years and eight million kroner for us, says general manager Hallvard Sletmoen at Stantek AS.

Did a good job for many years

Strategic buyer Erik Poulsen at ABB Electrification Norway AS is also very satisfied with the agreement.

– Stantek has done a good job for us for many years, he says, and explains that the new contract deals with thin sheet components for medium voltage systems, which ABB exports to the whole world.

– We already know that Stantek delivers good quality, and when they also show that they are competitive on price, they were the best choice this time too, says Poulsen.

Traditional thin sheet products

Recently, a delegation from Stantek AS visited ABB Electrification Norway AS in Skien to see how the components they manufacture are used.

– We are talking about traditional thin sheet products, which fit very well in our production facility. There are many variants that have to be delivered at the right time with short deadlines, so we have to be on time. There is no room for error in this industry, says marketing and customer manager Sveneric Skoglund at Stantek.